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All treatments and therapies are booked directly with the therapist and by appointment only, please see below for therapist contact details

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Calstock Therapy Hub was set up with a single goal in mind – to help our clients achieve optimal health and wellbeing. To do this, we believe in addressing the person holistically as one whole, with an integrated approach that draws on a wide range of disciplines, remedies and healing techniques to boost body, mind and soul. 
The Hub is in the heart of the Tamar Valley in an area of outstanding natural beauty. We have a team of professionally qualified and experience therapists who provide a high standard of care.


To book a treatment at Calstock Therapy Hub, simply look through our list of treatments and contact the therapist linked to that particular treatment. All of our therapists details are listed below as well as next to each available treatment.


Qualified Professionals dedicated to your wellbeing

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Business Owner

I am a fully qualified reflexologist and a member of the Association of Reflexologists. I have a special interest in women's health and  mindful reflexology for stress and anxiety. I do the wonderful Bergman method of facial reflexology as well as hot herbal compress reflexology.I am also a children's reflexology instructor, helping to deliver reflexology to children of all ages. I passionately believe that reflexology can help to aid good health and wellbeing and absolutely love being a reflexologist.  I set up Calstock Therapy Hub to bring together some wonderful therapists so that together we could provide a complete package of complementary therapies to assist with everyones wellbeing.
To contact me - 01822 833931

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Intelligent Body Practitioner




 With over 35 years experience of helping people get the very best from their body, I use a range of techniques (massage / bodywork / posture awareness) with influences from many fields including health-related fitness, sports coaching, yoga, breathwork and relaxation / stress reduction.


My aim is to work WITH you to keep your body functioning optimally – it’s how you use your body 24/7 that has the greatest impact on it. With that in mind, the work OFF the table is as important as what we do in your session!  


So, if you have a specific issue going on with your body, need an ongoing ‘maintenance programme’ as a way of investing in your health, or if you just need a re-boot for your body and mind, this work could be for you!

If you would like a chat before you commit to a session, please feel free to ring me! 

Contact me on 07855835202

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Holistic Massage Therapist

My name is Rosee, and I am a person who finds contentment and grounding in life. I believe in the power of intuition and strive to be in tune with my own inner guidance.  

My heart is filled with love and joy because I am a proud parent of two wonderful children. They bring me immense happiness to my life whilst keeping me on my toes - a delightful combination of fulfillment and wild adventures. 

One of the activities that truly nourishes my soul is wild swimming, especially in the winter months. There's something magical about immersing myself in the embrace of nature's elements and connecting with the raw beauty of the world around me. Camper van adventures is also another passion of mine, I love exploring new places and the Cornish coastline has my heart.

Holistic healing has always held a special place in my heart. I am captivated by the idea of nurturing the mind, body and soul as a unified whole. I am incredibly excited to have the opportunity to become one of the team members that use the Calstock therapy hub. Here I can offer space to heal, relax and rejuvenate while I carry out my treatments.  The Therapy Hub is a sanctuary where you can find solace, safety and deep connections.

I aspire to build magical connections with all of my clients, together on a path of healing and connection. limitless possibilities awaits us.


Facebook - Rose Retreat

Instagram - rose_retreat


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I am a qualified homeopath, registered with the Society of Homeopaths. I came to study homeopathy after years of using it successfully myself and with my four children. As I became more and more confident in my home-prescribing I also became increasingly fascinated and wanted to learn more. I’ve been qualified since 2011. As well as seeing clients I am tutor and supervisor for the School of Homeopathy. I see people of all ages with a broad range of physical, emotional and mental symptoms. I like to spend time listening to your story and your medical history. You know better than anyone else, from first-hand experience, about your medical condition. I see your treatment as a journey where we will walk alongside each other to try to get to the core of what's causing your ill health. My
aim is to help you regain the best level of health possible.
Contact me on 01822 834308

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Shiatsu Practitioner

I have been working as a Shiatsu practitioner and teacher since 1986 and am a fully insured and registered member of The Shiatsu Society and CNHC.
I was a co-founder and principle teacher of the KiKai Shiatsu Centre in London, and ran the school from 1990 until I left in 2016.
I have also been employed by the charity Turning Point since 1990 giving treatments to people with PTSD and anxiety issues. At the moment I work at the SASH Project in Westminster treating clients with histories of abuse, trafficking, and long term HIV.
Over the many years I have been practising I have seen the profound changes that treatments can make to peoples‘ well-being and mental health.
I also have private practices in both
Calstock and London.
To book an appointment at the Hub please call me on 07833 150673.

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As a Counsellor-psychotherapist, Johns main aim is to accept you as you are, to understand you from your own point of view and to enter into a therapeutic alliance with you that is real and genuine. His experience is that when this happens,  his clients begin to recover, feel better about themselves, and make constructive changes in their lives. He has a special interest in working with trauma and dealing with potential barriers to counselling and why men are reluctant to seek therapy.

01822 648068


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Complementary Therapist and Card Reader


I’m a fully qualified Reiki Master-Teacher, Crystal Therapist and Certified Angel Card Readerand Angel Healing Therapist.. I have a teaching qualification that enables me to also offer Reiki training. 

The treatments work holistically to balance your mind, body, spirit and emotions to help improve your overall health and wellbeing. The card readings can help to bring clarity and guidance. 

It’s such a privilege to see the positive effects the therapies and readings can bring. I use Reiki daily myself as well as crystals so I know first-hand the amazing benefits and transformation the therapies can bring. 

I also run an online shop offering crystals, incense, gemstone beads and spiritual gifts and am so blessed to have jobs that I absolutely love.

Call me on 07576 817583
Email me
Visit my website (therapies) 
or (online shop)

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Complementary therapist

Gems has a very friendly approach and you will always feel welcomed. 


Gems has 30 yrs experience, 23 of those being self employment. 


Treatments Gems shall be offering at The Hub are



Advanced Electroylsis (removing blemishes)


Range of facials using dermalogica and Neals Yard products. 


Waxing of all areas. 


Eye lash/ eye brow tinting. (test patch needed 24hrs prior)


Ear piercing (lobes only) 


Dermalogica ProPower Peels

For more information on treatments check out website

Or Call Gems direct on 

07759 111322 

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Sophie Rowe

Qualified Sound Therapist, Gong Master and trainee Soul Midwife (Holistic Companionship to the dying) 

Working as a dementia practitioner with a special interest in elder years, ancient herstory and spirituality, 
Sophie aims to bring you a feel of ancient temple wisdom with a range of accessible treatments for mind, body, spirit and soul. Combining Sacred Sound therapy, essential oils, light massage, copper foot soaks and magnet therapy for an incredibly nourishing treatment, to help physical, emotional and metaphysical problems in a totally noninvasive and accessible way. 

Treatments are either seated or lying down with home visits available if you are unable to visit the hub.

Please contact Sophie to discuss your situation and how she can best support you. 

"Through scientific understanding we can unlock the secrets of our ancestors, harnessing ancient wisdom for modern health and wellness. I look forward to healing with you "


Treatments Available

  • Janine Doidge 07759 111322

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